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That's why we call it "Complete-Solution", because everything is done for you!

GFT New Media

Affiliate Marketing Explainer Video

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Watch the short and easy to understand Explainer-Video about Affiliate Marketing.

Ready-To-Go Solutions

Our Service Packages including everything to start earning money by tomorrow. This includes also the high converting products with top commissions up to 40%, conversation rate up to 4.98%. All affiliates get "Life-Time Cookies", that means for you, if a customer clicks on your affiliate link but decides to make a purchase in the future, you will still receive commission!

READY-TO-GO Business

High converting products with an average conversation rate between 2.5% and 4.98% and an average commission between $25 and $47. All our Service plans come with a, we call it "Start-Up-Promotion", which brings you in the first 30 days between 5000 and 15500  target visitors for your website.

If the CTR on your website only 10%, this could result in
possible earnings for the first 30 days from $312 to $986
(Assumed the low end, 2.5% conversation | $25 commission, per sale).



done-for-you.solutions 162

Overview of the most important data

After you login into your affiliate account you get present an overview about the most important data. It's easy to see how your business is actual doing and what money you have already earned. From the TOP Menu you can choose more details like reports, tool and your profile where you can change your personal and payout settings. 

We are not newcomer in the IT-Market
Our Achievements

Our more than 39-year heritage and also our company locations in Germany, England, Spain, and Thailand give us a distinct perspective on the needs of our clients and their IT-Business requirements. We lead today by putting those insights to work to deliver innovative, better, and affordable IT-Solutions. 


IT Projects

Satisfaction, privacy, safety and not to forget affordability are some of the most important rules for our IT-Projects that we have been following for over 4 decades.


Years of experience

With more than 4 decades of experience we know what we do and what our clients need to run a successful online business.


% average cost savings

With our exclusive Online Complete-Solution packages cost savings for our clients, up to 70% and more, are not uncommon. 

We serviced many common known clients over the past 4 decades, to name only a few : German Military, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Brussels Belgium, the German Tax Offices, Companies like Lufthansa, Simrit, Vileda, BASF Corporation, Car manufacturers like Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Ford, Financial Institutions like Deutsche Bank, Commerzbank, and many more. 

Digital Environment is inclusive

Professional Data Center for Web Hosting and Cloud Hosting 

GFT New Media

Ideas & Plans, Implementation

From the idea to the implementation, all from one source

GFT New Media

Prompt Strategies for Marketing & Products

We use more than 40 years of experience for your projects.

GFT New Media


Our GURU Service Team is your `IT Department` in the background.
With more than 4 Decades of experience & many experts in a wide range of IT business, you can sit back and relax. Our GURU team takes care of your online business in every way 

Click for more information about GFT New Media
Archive Photo, January 2020. GFT Service Team - Seminar "Client Service & Satisfaction" In Bangkok - Thailand


Below the most Frequently Asked Questions.
Before you contact our service team, please check the FAQ below. 
You may find the right answers for your questions.

The products you promote is from one the fastest growing affiliate networks in Europe that is solely focused on health and beauty niches. They offer a wide variety of products that you can promote covering niches such as weight loss, bodybuilding, hair loss, colon cleansing, nootropics, male enhancement, anti-aging, varicose veins, acne, and more. Since launching in 2013, they have expanded into more than 100 countries with many exclusive European offers.

They work with some of the most sought after brands in the health industry. They are one of the only companies I have ever seen offering lifetime cookies.

One thing I noticed is that they focus on quality over quantity with their offers. At the time of writing this they only have about 40 offers links on their site. However they are very high quality offers providing better customer satisfaction.

The affiliate network is a good option for those in the eCommerce industry. They are a good option for high commission (20-40%), an conversation rate from up to 4.98% with additional 10-20% follow up for all returning customers.  

What stands out about this affiliate network is that it was founded by affiliates. The benefit of this is that affiliate marketers understand what other affiliates need in terms of support.

The affiliate network provides its affiliates a lifetime cookie tracking. In the world of affiliates, this is huge.
If a customer clicks on your affiliate link but decides to make a purchase in the future, you will still receive a commission. As long as the customer has not cleared their cookies. The tracking system works seamlessly on all devices. Therefore, it does not matter whether the customer clicks on and purchases from a computer, tablet, smartphone or other devices. They pride themselves on the best tracking technologies ensuring you get paid for the sales you bring in. 

* send emails to recipients without their consent to receive marketing emails
* spamming forums and blogs
* spamming mobile phones

All our Service Plans / Websites are Ready-To-Go from the first day. Everything is done!
You get paid the commission direct into your account.

NO, the products itself can not be changed and no other products can be added, except the affiliate program itself add more products! In the case the additional products will be added automatically from our service team. At the moment 40 product links are offered. This may change any time.

For our PREMIUM Plan user we can change the product text and images as long as the text describe the real product.
Fake promises and declarations are not allowed and we will not do.

The additional "SPECIAL OFFER" Link-Button on the product page is only available for our PREMIUM Subscriber. The link offers, as it says, special offers for the product.

NOTE: This product special offer pages are not linked from the manufacturers product detail pages. If potential customers not click this button on your website, they will not see this special product offers! 


ONLINE-COMPLETE-SOLUTION (OCS) are provided exclusively from GFT New Media Co.LTD. 

With our exclusive Online-Complete-Solution Packages you get everything, from development and design to run and maintain, a successful online business. You don't need Graphic Designer, Web Hosting Provider, Content Writer, SEO Companies, IT Companies for regular Software Updates, Online and Social Media Marketing Companies and many others. You get everything from one source!

Detail information you can find on our portal website @ https://gft-newmedia.com/online-complete-solutions
or on our OCS info site @ https://info.gft-online-complete-solution.services/

For our Premium Plan member we also included the Domain-Registration-Fee (.com) for the first year. The domain name you can chose by yourself. Our service team will help you by finding the right name. 

The perfect outsourcing solution that saves you time and money.
With an GFT OCS Website you don't need:  * any experience   * a bunch of money   * spend a lot of time
Our service team takes care of everything * Everything included in our service plan prices!

All Service Plans offered on this website are GFT OCS Websites.

If you do online business or have in mind to do, one thing never forget: The best website with the best products on the world is worth nothing without the right website traffic! To help you to get back your investment ($99 / $149 or $199) for our service plan, we have added a Start-Up-Promotion package to each service plan. The Start-Up-Promotion will be activated as soon your new website is online and everything setup. This includes also Google Analytics and Google Search Console and Facebook Pixel for the Premium Plan.

The Start-Up-Promotion for the ESSENTIAL Plan includes 5000 visitors, for the STANDARD Plan 10000 Visitor and for our PREMIUM Plan includes 15000 visitors. The promotion campaign runs for 30 days. Within this time frame target traffic will be delivered to your website. For this service, we use an independent, well known third-party companies. There is a great possibility that the traffic from the first month generate enough money to get back your initial investment for our service packages.   

All Service Plans comes with a Start-Up-Promotion Package

More Traffic Boost Packages can be ordered, with a few mouse clicks, direct from your GFT customer Account

Depending on in the chosen service plan we will modify the design for you.

The ESSENTIAL plan has no option to change any design elements. The website you get is ready and absolute professional. The only change is the website name, of course.  

The STANDARD plan has the following options: Change or add your LOGO,  change background images from the home page, home page sections and the background images of the Alphabet-Index page.

For our PREMIUM plan you can change, additional options to all STANDARD-PLAN changes, the website color theme as well. Other changes you desire may be done on request.  

The affiliate program offers the highest commissions on the market with up to 40% of each sale! The best thing is, with lifetime cookies you get automatic recurring commissions. The commission rates from up to 40% are absolutely unrivaled.

Within your affiliate account you can choose PAYOUTS from the top menu to see the actual commission status.

The withdrawal of funds is made once a month to the 21st of each month and includes the balance of funds from the previous month. 

To be able to withdraw funds, your account balance must exceed EUR 100 or GBP 80 or USD 120 or PLN 400. Supported funds withdrawal methods are: Bank Transfer, ePayments and Paxum. No charge for making a withdrawal! 

If a customer cancels a purchase, your account balance will be reduced by the amount of commission resulting from the purchase of the returned product.

Yes, every returning customer will be assigned to your account for life. If he/she makes a new purchase, you will receive a commission.

How much you earn largely depends on your creativity and time spent on product promotion. The program provides its Affiliates with the highest quality products that guarantee high conversion rates.

Many people give up easily because they are counting on a quick income without any effort! 

As the experience of our Affiliates shows, it is not worth giving up. The most active Affiliates earn tens of thousands of EUR per month.
And yet at the beginning they were also novices!

Regarding possible income, don't forget to read our terms.

Additional to the website you get the following materials are available in the affiliate panel:
* photographs (both professional and amateur),
* advertising banners in different resolutions,
* and the technical documentation of the product.

Can I modify the available marketing materials?
Yes, of course. Please note, however, that these materials must only be used to promote products available within the affiliate program.

Where can I find more information about each product?
All necessary information about a given product is available in the affiliate panel. Each product has its own sub-page, where you can find all necessary promotional materials and technical documentation. In addition, the product's target sales page is also a source of information about the product. You will also find a link to it in the panel after logging in.

Can I use the content of the official product websites?
As an Affiliate you can use promotional materials available in the affiliate panel. However, there are restrictions about the contents of the websites of the product manufacturers. We encourage you to create your own content - unique and interesting from the point of view of the reader.

GFT URL Wizard
One of the most powerful scripts that should be in every webmaster’s toolbox. So simple and fast to set-up, you’ll hardly believe it. The “GFT URL WIZARD” is by far one of the best marketing tools on the internet today. Perfect for promoting affiliate products. The App admin area is easy to understand, no fancy graphics or animations. For the most settings context related help is available. If still question not answered our service team is available 24/7 via eTicket system.

The GFT URL wizard is used internally to forward and protect all affiliate links. For Premium Member REFERRER CLOAKING is additional activated. As a result, your domain will be advertised instead of a third-party domain (in this case our domain). This will improve your branding and your credibility with your audience.

CLICK TO CHECK THE DETAILS @ https://secure-link.gft-service.com/

As PREMIUM Member you get additional our GFT URL Wizard MASTER Plan, normal $9.45 per month, for FREE! You can use to promote everything you want.

GFT ShortURL Service
GFT New Media provide a Premium URL Shortener service with amazing features. As example, Bundles & Link Rotator, Splash Pages, Overlay Pages, Geo Targeting, Device Targeting, Advanced API System and much more. Our Premium Plan includes FREE advertising as well.

One short link, infinite possibilities.
A short link is a powerful marketing tool when you use it carefully. It is not just a link but a medium between your customer and their destination. A short link allows you to collect so much data about your customers and their behaviors.

CLICK TO CHECK THE DETAILS @ https://su1.link/

As our PREMIUM Member you get our GFT ShortURL Service PRO+ Plan, normal $7.45 per month, for FREE!

If you chose our Premium Service Plan, we sure you take your new business seriously.  As a thank you for your investment, we provide you with an Android App for your new website. The App will be available worldwide for download via official Google App Store, listed and branded in your business name.  This additional service including all fees and services for upcoming updates. Our service team will keep everything up-to-date and running for you. 

iOS app in preparation.

As our PREMIUM Member you get your APP, in your Business Name at the Google Play Store, for FREE!

To run seriously your new business you have to know what's going on, on your website. Our additional Push Notification Service will save you time because you get a push notification each time somebody on your website click the product detail link, which means for you a lead!

Every lead gives you a 2.3% to 4.98% chance on a new sale.

For the push notification service we use third-party services. We pay for you the license for your mobile which includes 7500 push notifications per month. The only thing you have to do is to install the app on your mobile (Android or iOS) and activate the app with the data you get from our service team.  That's it, you are connected to your website, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Per year, you can receive 90,000 push notification (Leads), without any extra cost. You need more push notification? - No problem we have covered this! For a small fee, we can add more leading to the 7500 push notifications per month.

LEAD: In a sales context, a lead refers to contact with a potential customer.

Actual what happens on your website:
The person clicked a product detail link and get redirected to the website of the product manufacturer website, to get all information and can make a purchase. Even in case the person did not decide at this moment to purchase a product, you will still get commission if this person visits again the product manufacturer website in a few months. It is not necessary that the person visit your website again. (BECAUSE: Cookies are set for lifetime on the persons Computer, Tablet or Mobile)

Push Notification App is available for Android and iOS operating systems

As our PREMIUM Member you get notified via Push Notification. The additional service is FREE!

With "Traffic Diversion" we will take automatically a part of clicks on your website and redirect to our product website (same products). This generates some additional income for us, which we use to cover some of our expense for supporting your website. We decided to do this way instead charging $200 more for our service plans.

How much traffic we will actually divert depending on the service plan you choose. For the BASIC plan, every 3rd click will be redirected / diverted. The STANDARD plan gets diverted every 5th click and our PREMIUM plan just every 10th click. You can see in your account the total number of clicks and diverted clicks. You know all time exactly what's going on.

The clicks for the "Traffic Diversion" are counted for each product separately! 
EXAMPLE PREMIUM PLAN: Every 10th click for the same product would be diverted. 

We provide for all our members an 24/7 eTicket service. The eTicket Service itself is available on our portal website. For any questions related to our products and services or problems with your website you can use the eTicket system. After you login into your member account you can choose NEW eTicket and describe your inquiry. As soon as you submit the eTicket our stuff get informed about the new eTicket. Changes in the eTicket status will be sent direct to your email. Average answer time is round about 12 hours. We, that means the GFT Service Team, are located in ASIA Time Zone (GMT +7). Please keep this in mind when you're waiting of answers. Depending on where you are located, you may have midday, and we have midnight.   

24/7 eTicket Service is included in all Service Plans

As PREMIUM Member you get exclusively to our 24/7 eTicket Service, life chat support via WhatsApp. This gives you the opportunity to chat live with our support team to discus about your website and how we can help you to improve your website conversation rate. We need to mention, our 1-to-1 life chat support is only available within our live-chat-support service hours. MO - FR from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM (Time Zone GMT +7)  (Time Zone Converter | Bangkok, Thailand). In case our live-chat-service hours are not suitable for your time zone you can contact our service team via eTicket system and let us know when you can be available. We are convinced that we will find a time suitable for both. To deliver top service for our customer is for us very important. 

Our Premium Plan including 1-to-1 live support via WhatsApp, at no extra cost!

SiteLock™ Provides Website Security Protection and Cybersecurity Products And Services

SiteLock™ (included, at no extra cost)
SiteLock is the global leader in website security. The company was founded in 2008 with a mission to protect every website on the internet. We currently protect over 12 million websites of all sizes around the world and are just getting started!

While large enterprises have unlimited budgets to deal with cyber-attacks, SMBs, who are the targets of almost half attacks, lack the resources to defend themselves. That's where SiteLock™ comes into focus. SiteLock™ provide affordable, powerful cyber security software solutions designed to allow small to midsize businesses to operate without fear of an attack. 

SSL Certified Website (included, at no extra cost)
SSL certificates create an encrypted connection and establish trust. One of the most important components of online business is creating a trusted environment where potential customers feel confident in making purchases. SSL certificates create a foundation of trust by establishing a secure connection. To assure visitors their connection is secure, browsers provide special visual cues that we call EV indicators in the URL bar (Padlock Symbol). 

It is strongly recommended to use 256-bit encryption on your e-commerce website. But it is important to note that this SSL certificate will provide you with up to 256-bit encryption protection.

All our Service Plans including SSL Certified & SiteLock™ at no extra cost!

As PREMIUM Member our service team setup for you a Google Analytics Account and a Facebook Pixel Account. Both analytics system will be integrated in your website. This is a "must" for serious business websites.

Google Analytics has an entire section, Acquisition, devoted to providing you with information on how the visitors to your website found you. Google tracks how many people land on your website after clicking on a link in search results (organic results), how many people come from links shared on social media, from other websites, from paid ads, and by typing your website directly into search.

A few Reasons why to Use Google Analytics:
You can see how people find your website.
You can track what people do when they’re on your website.
You gain data on who’s visiting your website and how.
You can find the most popular pages on your website.
It helps you track conversions.

The Facebook Pixel has the power to provide you with vital information that you can use to create better Facebook ads, as well as offering you the opportunity to target your audiences more relevantly and accurately. By allowing the pixel to track the actions that are taken on your website after entering through a Facebook ad, your ads can be built to reach consumers who are more likely to make a conversion.

Not using Facebook ads yet? Even that’s not an excuse to not use a pixel! Just install the Facebook Pixel on your website and start collecting data as soon as possible so you can be ready to go when creating and launching your Facebook ads.

This extra service is included in our Premium Plan, at no extra cost

We have many inquiries from users who ask if it is allowed to order / run multiple affiliate website at the same time.

Short and straightforward answer: YES, you are welcome :)

You are free to order as many service plan packages as you want. You need just unique domains and email address for each website. This is needed for our accounting and service management system. Each account is handled individually with all advantages of the chosen plan.

You are free to use your existing, but the hosting has to be on our servers! For more technical details you can contact our service team.

If you want to register a new domain for the affiliate website we can offer you domain service as well. In case you are not sure, contact our service team. 

Everything begins with the perfect domain name. Not only is it how your customers will find your website, but also allows you to present the products in the best light. A new domain registration costs you normally not more than $20 for 1 year.  

How to Choose the Perfect Domain Name?

Use The Right Domain Name Extensions
(.com, .org, .net) or more than 400+ other TLD's
We recommend, if .com for your desired domain name available choose it, because you will get the TLD for an reasonable price and .com is for the most internet user standard. You can click here to check our DOMAIN SUGGESTION TOOL.

Brandable Over Generic.
Your domain name is how visitors will find, remember, and share your company on the web. It is the foundation of your brand.

Short Is Better Than Long. 
According to research from DataGenetics.com, a blog by Nick Berry, the most common name length is approximately 12 characters.
About this topic you find endless articles and recommendations. Each variant has its advantages and disadvantages. Short names may easy to remember but make only sense for common known brands. As an example, for the domain name for this website we chose "done-for-you.solutions" If you read this name, it's easy to remember and the name itself tell you, you can expect something what is already prepared from you. Alternatively, we could use "dfy.solutions" instead, its also easy to remember but meaning nothing! 
IN SUMMERY: Follow your filling for the right name, it will be right. Don't worry, whatever you chose, with the right website content and  SEO, every domain can be on PAGE ONE in Google.

Make Sure It’s Easy To Type. 
Think of some of the most popular websites in the world. What comes to mind? Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Yahoo, CNN… One big thing they have in common is that they’re all easy to spell.

Make Sure It’s Easy To Pronounce. 
As easily as your domain name rolls off the tips of your fingers, it should roll off the tip of your tongue.

Consider Using “Niche” Keywords That Reflect Your Website.
Keywords can help to improve your SEO – you need to tread carefully here! If you try to awkwardly stuff keywords into your domain, it comes across as generic (like we talked about before).

Think Long-Term Over Short-Term.
Are you ready to marry your domain? You should be because it will be one of the biggest elements that define your business and brand for years. If you decide to change the domain in the future, it will cost you money, branding, and SEO rankings. In short – it’s a huge pain!

Check If It’s Not Trademarked Or Already Used.
Before you move forward with a specific domain name, check to see if the name is available on social media sites, as well as if there are any trademarks already registered to the name. To build your brand, it’s ideal to have the same name across your domain and social networks. This builds familiarity and makes it easy for your visitors, fans, and customers to find you around the web. Avoid legal issues; you should stay away from names that already have trademarks.

💡  ORDER: Existing Domain, New Domain?
Both scenarios are covered when you order one of our service plans. Within the order process you will be asked what you want to use, an existing domain or register a new domain. In case you chose New Domain you can use our domain registration service to search, chose and register the new domain.

As PREMIUM Member you get many additional services at no extra cost. The services we provide for our premium member cause us monthly costs (Used Resources, Maintenance & Monthly Third-Party Fees). To cover just a part of this expense we charge a monthly fee from $3! 

The $3 fee applies only for our PREMIUM SERVICE PLAN

This question is often ask, but unfortunately, we cannot give the answer because we "GFT New Media", providing only the "Tools" for the online business. We are not running the affiliate program by our self. We also get NO commission from the affiliate program if you use it. You will have your own affiliate account, 100% independent of us!

We do not currently have an official affiliate program for the services offered on this website, but if you know people who would like to use our Premium Service Plan, please feel free to recommend them. As a reward, you will receive a FREE Premium Website (worth $199), for every new person you refer. To help you a little, we will assign to you a personal and unique discount code which you can use to offer exclusively to the people you refer. This special discount is not available on our website, a big advantage for you. The code has mainly two advantages: first, by using this code the recommended person receives a 10% discount, and second, we know exactly who has been assigned to the code (YOU). In this way you can be sure that you get rewarded, it's 100% working!

✨ The people you refer can enjoy the 10% exclusive discount. ✨

If you are interested, please contact our Service Team via eTicket System and request your personal discount code.

What is the difference between a Shared and Dedicated IP address?

The difference between shared and dedicated IP addresses is quite simple. A shared IP address is a single address used by multiple websites within one web server. In this case, the web server should do some extra work, parsing the user’s request to the correct website. Having a Dedicated IP address means that the website has its very own address, and you can use either this IP address or the domain name of your website to access it from the web. For a more obvious example, please check the diagram below:

Why having a dedicated IP address is beneficial?

As mentioned before, a Shared IP is used by many websites. If just one of the websites owners send SPAM emails the risk that the IP gets blacklisted is very high. If this is the case all websites using this IP run into the same issue of a blacklisted IP.

Just think a moment, some website owner doesn't care the rules regarding SPAM... - As a consequence, of using a Shared IP, Your website run into trouble! (No emails can be sent, or even worse, Your website gets blocked and marked as DANGER from the browsers, which means your business goes from 100 to 0!)

The Definition of IP Blacklisting
Blacklisting happens for any number of reasons, most typically when an IP address is suspected of sending spam. Continual blacklisting will affect your IP reputation because your IP address will be identified as a regular source of spam. Owners of an IP are responsible for what comes out of that IP address, so it’s important to stop spam from originating to avoid a reputation for spammy behavior.

Our service team check on regular base if IP Blacklisting happened on our shared servers. If so we can whitelist the IP again. For this we have to prove that the source of SPAM is removed! This whole process of whitelisting need normally 1-2 day. 

To get around the common problem, we offer dedicated IP Addresses for just $5 per month. This service plan "AddOn" can be chosen within the checkout process.


All service planes come with our standard sales funnel strategy. Additional can can chose 2 more advanced sales funnels as paid add-on, which we offer you for an special OTO price.

OTO (One-Time-Offer Price)
While checkout we offer two more sales funnels strategies for a special OTO price which is 50% discounted. If you decide not to use this One-Time-Offer, you can add these funnels later as paid Add-On to your service plan. We highly recommend to use our OTO offer becauseyou save 50%!.

If you like to know more about the sales funnels we use, sign up for our free newsletter to get the details + the free eBook (Digital Marketer’s eMail Campaign Cookbook).  

Ready-To-Go Sales Funnel Strategies for your website, full automated!
The sales funnel strategy, for your chosen sales funnel, will be completely set up for you and full automated. The implementation into your website includes also a FREE MailChimp, Autoresponder setup, and Marketing Campaigns with email sequence texts. The email texts itself can be customized at your request.

With the advanced- and premium- funnel Add-On implementation, we provide you with ongoing optimization of the funnels. You get also real data, and dream goal simulation for YOUR website. Just contact our service team and we run a simulation with the data you give us. By the DREAM GOAL simulation you tell us what you like to earn per year. We will run a reverse simulation and provide you with the data what is needed to reach your dream goal.

The standard sales funnel strategy, shown below, is included in all service plans at no extra cost.

Our next sales funnel strategy is more advanced. The funnel is optimized with an additional opt-in form.
This optimized sales funnel strategy is able to double your leads by the same amount of initial traffic.

Last, but not least, our premium sales funnel strategy. The opt-in form in this funnel is connected to an additional survey form, which optimize the funnel even more. Believe it or not, test have shown that this sales funnel strategy can quadruple your leads, without more initial traffic. We also included the Re-Targeting traffic as an additional free traffic source.

The Illustration below shows the comparison of our 3 sales funnel strategies, which are available for your website. The simulation of the 3 sales funnels using exact the same settings related to traffic source, visitor amount and conversation rates. The comparison result shows the possible profits and revenues per month and the total for one year. Regardless of the revenue shown in the illustration, it clearly shows the differences between the 3 funnels. The simulations not including the Re-Investment Strategy.

Sales funnels are very powerful! 
The advanced sales funnel strategy can double and our premium sales funnel strategy is able to tripled the leads, all at the same traffic cost. 
If you combine the sales funnels additional with our Traffic Re-Investment Strategy, you are able to reach your dream goal in a reasonable time.

Sign up to our newsletter and you get our free eBook with more details about our used sales funnels and additional our eBook "Digital Marketer’s eMail Campaign Cookbook" with 23 highly specific eMail Marketing campaigns.

Let's be honest, everyone is looking at the moment for "affordable" online solutions to make some extra money because it is now "HOT" and many people need a second source of income in times of COVID-19. In these times the most people are not willing to spend a bunch of money in a new Start-up business.

Yes, we can, and we did charge more before, and yes, we will charge more again, as these membership plans with this scope of services cannot be found on the Internet for a price comes only closely.


Because as more people join our membership service during our special price initiative, as more customer we have to look after and do more business in the future. Not forget, we are not a newcomer, we are more than 4 decades in IT business. We're not looking for short time opportunities to make fast a few dollars and disappear from the market, as a lot did in the last few years. Many of our customer working with us together for more than 20 years. ... AND GUESS WHAT? — THEY ARE STILL HAPPY!

We're going to make over time small increases at the beginning and then increase TO THE FINAL PRICE AGAIN! 
The duration how long we keep the special price is not fixed yet, but MARK MY WORDS!

The real value for the Website, Design, Web Hosting, Domain Registration, HQ Stock Photos, Ready-To-Go Website Content, Sales Funnel integration, Free additional Memberships, Android App, Push Notification, 15000 Visitors, SSL Certificate, 24/7/365 eTicket Service, 1-to-1 Live Chat Support, ... is worth a few thousand dollars!
The final price for our Premium Subscription will be, as before, $69 * 12 = $828, and no Set-Up Cost.
Even this will be still a fantastic price, for this scope of services!



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How to whitelist email addresses?
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You checked our FAQ already? - Still questions?
You are welcome to contact our service team.


With our Complete-Solutions, you can start right away, everything is done and setup.


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